Simple Steps to Making a Sale

Simple Steps to Making a Sale

The sales process is not brain surgery, but everyone cannot master it. Some individuals are just good at sales while others are not. Some are born with skills to be an effective sales representative, but many are trained. Sales training is one of the leading tools companies invest in. Whether they hire an outside sales trainer or promote someone from within they have no problem investing into their future sales leaders. Sales are typically the primary way a company generates revenue. So, the better the sales team the more money the company makes. In this article we are going to discuss some of the simplest steps a sales representative should take while trying to close a deal.

The first step is easy, but not everyone thinks of it. No matter what you are selling you must qualify the prospect. For instance, if you are selling an online MBA program does the prospect have a bachelor’s degree? Or if you are selling a timeshare unit does the applicant have the funds or credit to finance the property? Whatever you do don’t assume the person you are speaking with is automatically qualified. You must ask them specific qualifying questions to find out.

Second, what is the prospect’s motivation for requesting more information on your product or service? In the example above, why are they looking to go back to school? Do they want a promotion or a new job? Figuring out the motivation is very important early in the sales process. If the prospect gets cold feet later on you may be able to close the sale by reminding them why they were interested in the product or service in the first place.

The third step after the discovery phase is selling the benefits of your product or service. Why is yours better than your competitors? How will the benefits help accomplish the prospect’s goals? For instance, will your MBA program help the applicant get the job he/she wants? Talk about the flexibility, networking capabilities, career services department, and everything you can to convince them this is the perfect program for them. This is a very important step because many individuals do a lot of research before making any decisions. The internet allows them to find information very quickly.

Now that you have sold the product or service you always want to follow-up and ask for a referral. Make sure they are satisfied with their purchase and see if there is anyone else they know in the market for the same.