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Exploring the Reasons of Contamination of Urdu

Urdu is one of the most rampant languages of the subcontinent. However, it is seeing a decline these days. The Urdu enthusiasts are very concerned about this situation and they are finding different methods to revive Urdu.
This article explores some of the most significant reasons that why the Urdu language has been contaminated. Learning these reasons is the first step towards the revival of the Urdu language.
Trying to strip the status of the regional languages
In Pakistan Urdu was declared the national language by Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah in Dhaka. This was a huge mistake. It was okay to declare Urdu the national language. However, right from the inception of Pakistan, the regional languages were never given any importance or status.
In fact, this had been a big cause of the partition of the East Pakistan from the west. It was but natural for the Bengalis that they loved their language and wanted it to be their national language. However, Bangla was never recognized and resultantly they felt that it is an effort to take away their roots and identity form them.
Recently the same thing happened in Baluchistan. Nawab Akbar Bugti passed a bill to make Balochi language compulsory from grade 1 in the schools of Baluchistan instead of Urdu. Nevertheless, after his murder, Pervez Musharraf reverted to Urdu, causing a lot of hatred among the Baluchis.
Relating Urdu to the religion
Many other people do not feel connected to the Urdu language because it has always been related to the Islam, excessively. The language should have an international and harmonious outlook, which Urdu has lacked.
Bollywood’s influence on Urdu
The Indian film industry has never been kind to Urdu. The Bollywood movies are popular all over the world. People see them and pick Urdu-Hindi phrases from them. It is an unfortunate fact that in Bollywood scripts and songs, the Urdu language is often distorted. Sometimes wrong words are used contextually. At other times, the pronunciation is simply pathetic. Alternatively, Urdu is contaminated with too many rustic Hindi words.
Failure of the older generation to pass Urdu heritage to the young generation
It is a sad fact that our older generation did not make serious efforts to involve their children in peaking Urdu. Even today, the parents who know excellent Urdu do not realize the importance of teaching it to their children. Sadly, they are so obsessed with the English language that they make their children learn English right from the early childhood.
The lack of promotion of Urdu and incompetency of the Urdu teachers
Urdu has never been promoted properly. The society overall is responsible for this trend. The decline of Urdu and the lack of promotion of Urdu has become a vicious circle for the doom of the language. Other than that, in the schools the Urdu teachers are not competent. Teaching a language is an art. The teachers today lack the abilities of teaching a language to the children.…

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Working Moms Stress Management Tip – Online Tutoring Benefits

Working Moms can benefit from Online Tutoring
Online tutoring provides students with a one-on-one learning experience that your child may not have in class and the tutor will even stay with you until they are sure you understand what you have learned.
By using an online tutoring service, you save time, money and aggravation. Sometimes I find helping with homework to be frustrating because I am not sure whether or not I am explaining it clearly enough for a child’s perspective. Also, it can cause stress between the parent and the child because of other life situations. Therefore, using tutors can provide a clear, unbiased way for your child to learn.
It is very interactive. To begin with you must be clear and concise with your question. This requires that you must be able to focus and organize your thoughts. Once you are connected to the tutor online and explain your question. You will learn by listening, doing and observing. All of these skills utilize various learning styles which is important for learning retention.
Sometimes kids are labeled as being unable to be taught. The real problem could be that the teacher or teaches one way and is not using the appropriate tools for their particular learning style. A teacher is not just someone at school, the word teacher also refers to parent. Not using the appropriate learning style to engage a person, whether it is an adult or child is a major source of miscommunication. It is the equivalent to speaking greek to someone you know who only speaks and understands English. Imagine how many kids are diagnosed as ADD or simply can’t learn because their teacher is only teaching according to her own learning style. This means only the kids with the same learning style as the teacher has a chance to learn.
I used online tutoring as part of a summer enrichment curriculum. It had a positive impact on my child. The only time he made any gripes about doing any work was when I told him to do math instead of reading or vice versa, if he wanted to do the other one more. In 6 months, I was able to move his scores up 2 grade levels.
Bringing online tutoring into your home is a rewarding experience. It is the most effective use of time and money for education. The benefits extend far beyond the classroom because it helps you communicate better.…

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College Preparation Tips for Your Teen

College Preparation Tips for Your Teen

Preparing Your Child For College

One of the most daunting tasks as a parent is preparing your son or daughter for the next phase of their lives, adulthood. In today’s competitive atmosphere, it is very difficult to get into the school of your dreams, as there is an increasing number of students from all over the world seeking to gain admission to a limited number of colleges. A few useful tips and suggestions are listed to below to help improve your son’s or daughters chances of getting into the college they want.

It Starts Early On

The truth is, good habits early in your childs early schooling years will greatly benefit them later on in life. Teaching them discipline, responsibility, and morals is important at this age as their brains are like a sponge soaking up all sorts of information from the world around them. Their good habits will stay with them as they progress on to middle school, high school, college, and then into the real world. They will easily be able to set their priorities and stick with them when considering such things whether to study on a Friday night, or go out with their friends. Making the right decisions in such situations will be influenced by what they have learned throughout their years.

Study Time

Let’s face it, without good grades your child’s chances of getting into a good college, or even an average college nowadays, will be limited. Their GPA and SAT scores are what college admissions directors will be focusing on, hence, they have to be competitive with other applicants. Although it is possible to gain admission if their grades are less than perfect, as extracurricular activities can help and shows the college that they are a well-rounded student who isn’t locked up in their rooms all day reading textbooks. But of course, you should not rely on your child getting in just by their activities outside of school, they will need good grades. An ideal student will have good grades, preferably above a 3.5 GPA, and be involved in extracurricular activities such as, sports, a job, or a member of the student council in their school. Help your son or daughter increase their chances of getting into the college the both you want and prepare them for a successful career upon graduating from their chosen school.…

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Interrogating Suspects in a Private Investigation

Interrogating Suspects in a Private Investigation

Private Investigation Education: Interrogation

Prepare Mentally

Careful mental preparation is absolutely and unequivocally required before interrogating. Mental preparation involves:• Developing a full knowledge of case facts by, for example, studying the statements of witnesses, notes, sketches, photographs, documents, and forensic findings.• Mentally reconstructing the commission of the incident. Anticipating denials.• Preparing a list of logically ordered topics to be covered during the interrogation.• Preparing a list of questions for each topic.


The general rule is to question witnesses first and the suspect last. But you can bend the rule when you think that early questioning will keep the suspect from fabricating an alibi or synchronizing a story with accomplices.

The timing of an interrogation should rely on advantages to be gained. Ask yourself “If I interrogate now, what advantages can I gain?” Potential advantages are discerned from weighing many factors, such as the evidence at hand, your readiness, and the vulnerability of the suspect. Interrogating is like waging a war, and winning the war is often a matter of knowing when to attack.

Evaluate the Suspect

Generally speaking, physiological changes that occur in a suspect’s body are stronger with persons of high intelligence. This does not mean that the indicators of deception are always more visible; the intelligent suspect may possess a well-developed capacity to conceal inner tension. A suspect with low intelligence may not understand he/she/ is under attack or may not appreciate the full extent of the danger.

A suspect may be emotionally unstable as the result of something entirely separate from the matter under investigation, and it is always difficult to interpret the behavioral signals of an emotionally unstable person. The non-verbal forms of communication exhibited by an unstable person are exactly opposite of a stable person.

Some behavioral signals have cultural or ethnic roots. A gesture might appear to be a deceptive signal when in fact it was a typical, normal expression used by the individual during his interactions with other persons of the same culture or ethnic background.

When a suspect is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, there may be a delay in the response time between stimulus (question) and reaction (deceptive signal). If you believe a suspect is under the influence, terminate the interrogation.

Arrange the Environment

Furniture and seating arrangements should be such as to place the interrogator in a comfortable, psychologically dominant position in relation to the suspect. The physical environment should be interrogator-friendly and provide privacy. It should have clerical assistance, people nearby to serve as observers, and audio/video equipment. An interrogation room is typically plain, but comfortably furnished, and devoid of pictures or items that can distract attention. A room used only for interrogating often will have a built-in two-way mirror. The room must be neither so hot nor so cold as to permit later contentions that information was extracted through physical discomfort. Furniture should consist of three comfortable chairs and a table large enough to write on but not large enough for the suspect to use the table as a psychological barrier. Items that will be needed, such as pens, paper, and forms, should be in place prior to beginning. If the room is equipped with a telephone, it should be disconnected or removed for the purpose of eliminating interruption. Any item in the room that could be used as a weapon must be removed.

Conduct the Interrogation

Interrogation can be time-consuming but this is hardly a reason for hurrying through. A time limit should not be set but neither should the length of the interrogation suggest in any way that the suspect had been denied basic human needs such as rest, food, drink, and toilet use.

The suspect should be seated at the side of a table where you can fully observe body language. If there is a window in the interrogation room, chairs should be arranged so that window light falls on the face of the suspect rather than your face. Chair arrangement should also preclude the suspect from being able to gaze out a window.

Control of the interrogation is in great measure dependent on the initial impression made by you. Because first impressions are important, your appearance must be such that an aura of competence and self-confidence is projected. Your opening remarks should be appropriate in terms of how you evaluate the suspect. For example, a suspect who considers himself or herself superior to you may be addressed by his last name, instructed to sit, instructed not to smoke, and manipulated in ways that quickly establish you as the person in charge.

The degree of success or failure at eliciting information is linked to your ability to estimate the probable guilt of the person to be interrogated. Is the individual a possible suspect or a darn …

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How Is Math Tutoring Helpful For Your Kid?

As a parent, you must have heard you kid say that he or she doesn’t like math or math is a boring subject. This is mainly due to the old teaching methods that are still followed by the classroom teachers. Many times, the teachers are greatly responsible for the disinterest in students regarding math. The importance of the subject in our life cannot be underestimated. However, many parents find it quite tough to instruct math to their children. In such cases, you must consider hiring a good private math tutor in your locality who will help your child enjoy learning numbers.
There are several benefits of hiring a private math tutor in your area. First, you will save the traveling time as the professional will come to your home. You can give that extra time for your child to participate in the extracurricular activities. Secondly, the private home tutoring is not like classroom instruction where the teacher has to concentrate on several students at a time. Here, there is just one professional and one child interaction. Your child can ask as many questions he wants, and get his doubts clarified without any hesitations or the fear of being laughed at.
There are several websites were you will find private home tutors online. And the biggest advantage is that you can find one in your own locality. You don’t even have to go outside or ask anybody in order to find a good math professional. You can now find it online with the help of the Internet. However, before you hire one, there are a few important things that you must consider. The professional should have solid qualifications and good experience in the field of teaching.
Just being highly qualified isn’t enough to be a good tutor. The person should have the skill to develop an interest in the students for the subject. He should be able to make complicated topics seem easy with the help of real life illustrations. When the students stop fearing the subject and develop an interest for it, learning the topics become much easier. So, if your child is having troubles with math topics taught in school then consider hiring a private tutor who can help your child overcome his fears. You will find professionals in different topics such as algebra, statistics, trigonometry, geometry and so on. These tutors have mastery in these areas and they can help you child learn these topics too.…

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The Importance of Discussion Board Postings in Online Classes

The Importance of Discussion Board Postings in Online Classes

Many students have taken or are taking online classes these days. They are becoming more and more popular each and every year. One of the major fears of an online class is the lack of interaction with the other students and more importantly the professor. Students are scared they won’t be able to reach the professor if they have a question or network with peers in their courses. After doing some research I actually found more students said they interacted with their peers in their online course than sitting in a classroom. This is mainly due to discussion board postings in an online course room. Students are able to post discussion topics in the online forum and other students are able to post comments, ask questions, or just read what the other students have posted. Discussion board postings are usually graded by the professor or graduate assistant and typically count for about 30% of a student’s overall grade. As you can see they are very important in an online class and could help you pass or fail a class!

The discussion board postings could be on a number of different topics. To start a class the professor usually asks the class to do an introduction post to introduce themselves to the rest of the class and so he/she could get to know them a little bit better. After the first post, students are usually required to post three to four times a week and also respond to other students. Discussion board postings are highly interactive and many students login to their course room on a daily basis. The topics of the post could range from: answering questions from the textbook, writing a summary of a video they watched, discussing their opinions on an article and so on. Professors usually try to mix up the different topics to keep students engaged. Sometimes in an online class it is a little harder to do than you would expect.

As you can see there is plenty of interaction between the students and the professors in most online courses. You are able to chat, email, or use discussion board postings to communicate with others. Many students also use Skype. As stated earlier, participation is typically a large percentage of your grade so it is not only recommended it is required! So if your only fear is that you will not be able to reach your professor or network with peers in an online class rest assure that is not the case.…

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Accounting Continuing Education – Useful Information For Accountants

Accounting Continuing Education – Useful Information For Accountants

Accounting continuing education calls for a large range of training programs in accounting sub-disciplines (some of these disciplines are: taxation, financial accounting, government or nonprofit accounting). Once an accounting graduate has his diploma and starts his profession in the public or private sector, he may be willing to improve his career opportunities. Accountants who want to develop their profession must follow a succession of training courses. In order to pass the exams and to obtain the certifications this evaluation system has developed, nowadays accountants definitely need a gradual completion of their expertise. Check the next guidelines about accounting continuing education:


Competition is fundamental for this area of activity, too. Accountants have high expectations from their profession. The opportunity of finding a better job and having better profession possibilities will expand with the completion of the programs. Competition can be good for accountants. Professional competition can produce constructive effects on your career. Accounting continuing education is the perfect opportunity to face professional competition successfully.

E-learning or distance educational approach

The accounting continuing education began using on-line learning strategies. It is not just a comfortable choice to the usual attendance, but major improvements have been noticed for learners and professors, too. On the opposite there are lots of voices who find more effective the on-campus alternative. You may pick the one that fits you the most, but more fashionable and cost-effective seems to be the on-line technique of study and evaluation.

Ongoing demand for professional accountants

The accounting continuing education will certainly help the labour market. As it as been confirmed before there are major benefits on both sides. Lately there is a noticeable increase in the demand for skilled qualified accountants. The educational system developed the accounting continuing education courses in order to cope with market demands. CPAs (Certified Public Accountants), as an example, after taking the examination, can continue developing their career.

CPE, the acronym for Continuing Professional Education is definitely the newest trend in these days superior learning. The online accounting continuing education method has won many students due to the fact that CPE courses and programs are so convenient for graduates who already have started their profession. This type of instructive is incredibly beneficial for students.

There are a lot of didactic institutions which offer accounting continuing education programs. Competition is incredibly high on this level too. You have to inform about the offer for this type of education that these educational institutions provide. Choose wisely the program that fits you and make the first step in the direction of a successful profession. The accounting continuing education it ‘s a process which lasts through life and you will permanently have something to study about.…