What to Do When Learning the Ropes in Your Business Slows You Down

What to Do When Learning the Ropes in Your Business Slows You Down

Like me, you’ve probably heard Cole Porter’s classic tune “Begin the Beguine”… well, a whole lotta times. In old movies, in airport lounges, in jazz clubs. I remember my parents playing it on the hi-fi when I was a kid.

The song’s been performed by everybody from the Andrews Sisters, to Mario Lanza, to Sheryl Crow.

Anyway, a few minutes ago I heard “Begin the Beguine” on the satellite music service here at Starbucks. And after all these years, I finally wondered, what the hell is a “beguine”?

I checked it out. It’s a ballroom dance similar to the rumba. So I’m all set if the topic comes up in a future round of Trivial Pursuit.

I’ve always liked learning for the sake of learning. But I treat business learning differently. It’s vital, but I try not to get too bogged down in it.

In the past year, for example, I’ve learned a few basics about building and maintaining a website. But I have NOT taken time to master the finer details of webpage design, HTML code, or CSS.

I’ve learned fundamentals about recording audio, converting it to MP3, and uploading it to my site. But as for the subtle distinctions between this or that microphone, how to use a mixing board, or the tricks of audio editing and dubbing, forget it.

In other words, I make a point to always learn “just enough.” Just enough to get my business rolling. Just enough to keep it rolling for now.

And I’ll learn all the other stuff if, when, or as I need it.

If I’d worried about learning everything there was to know before I created my business, I’d never have gotten started. I’d still be lying on the sofa reading.

Don’t get me wrong. Continuing education and business learning are important. But sometimes you can get so knee-deep in learnin’ that you never get started.

So get going!