Adjuster License Continuing Education

Adjuster License Continuing Education

Any licensed individual practicing as an insurance or public adjuster must complete a specified amount of continuing education hours every 1-2 years; depending on their state’s requirements. Continuing education is required for many reasons. In most cases two of the courses an adjuster must take every compliance period are ethics and adjuster law. Ethics covers the way an adjuster professional should act. It also shows them how they should be conducting business on a day-to-day basis. Adjusters must act ethically to themselves, their clients, and the insurance company they represent. Acting accordingly ensures the agent is doing their job well and can help avoid lawsuits against their insurance company. Adjuster law is a course that will bring the agent up to date on all of the new rules and regulations their state created. This course ensures the adjuster is abiding by all state laws. If an adjuster received their license 20 years ago, they may be breaking the law and not even know it. That is why this is typically a required course.

There are different rules for each state and license so make sure to call an approved provider to confirm when your credits are due and which courses you should purchase. For instance, an insurance adjuster and a public adjuster have different education requirements in the state of Florida.

Adjusters have many different duties to perform while on the job. They must determine whether the policy covers the loss claimed. They must also ensure the claims are not fraudulent. Adjuster continuing education will help stay current with industry trends, laws and state regulations. It is beneficial to the adjuster and the company they represent to complete their all of their continuing education every 1-2 years depending on what their state requires. The adjuster will be up to date on current knowledge and also keep their license active. Any agent that does not adhere to these rules is subject to severe fines and even suspension.

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Many states allow an adjuster to complete their education online but others require the adjuster to sit in a classroom for their credits. Contact your state or an approved provider to see what your state requires. A lot of adjusters choose online continuing education if it is an option since it is typically less expensive and more convenient. If an adjuster has to listen to a lecture in person, they will have to visit the state’s website for a listing of classes and their locations.