Exploring the Reasons of Contamination of Urdu

Urdu is one of the most rampant languages of the subcontinent. However, it is seeing a decline these days. The Urdu enthusiasts are very concerned about this situation and they are finding different methods to revive Urdu.
This article explores some of the most significant reasons that why the Urdu language has been contaminated. Learning these reasons is the first step towards the revival of the Urdu language.
Trying to strip the status of the regional languages
In Pakistan Urdu was declared the national language by Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah in Dhaka. This was a huge mistake. It was okay to declare Urdu the national language. However, right from the inception of Pakistan, the regional languages were never given any importance or status.
In fact, this had been a big cause of the partition of the East Pakistan from the west. It was but natural for the Bengalis that they loved their language and wanted it to be their national language. However, Bangla was never recognized and resultantly they felt that it is an effort to take away their roots and identity form them.
Recently the same thing happened in Baluchistan. Nawab Akbar Bugti passed a bill to make Balochi language compulsory from grade 1 in the schools of Baluchistan instead of Urdu. Nevertheless, after his murder, Pervez Musharraf reverted to Urdu, causing a lot of hatred among the Baluchis.
Relating Urdu to the religion
Many other people do not feel connected to the Urdu language because it has always been related to the Islam, excessively. The language should have an international and harmonious outlook, which Urdu has lacked.
Bollywood’s influence on Urdu
The Indian film industry has never been kind to Urdu. The Bollywood movies are popular all over the world. People see them and pick Urdu-Hindi phrases from them. It is an unfortunate fact that in Bollywood scripts and songs, the Urdu language is often distorted. Sometimes wrong words are used contextually. At other times, the pronunciation is simply pathetic. Alternatively, Urdu is contaminated with too many rustic Hindi words.
Failure of the older generation to pass Urdu heritage to the young generation
It is a sad fact that our older generation did not make serious efforts to involve their children in peaking Urdu. Even today, the parents who know excellent Urdu do not realize the importance of teaching it to their children. Sadly, they are so obsessed with the English language that they make their children learn English right from the early childhood.
The lack of promotion of Urdu and incompetency of the Urdu teachers
Urdu has never been promoted properly. The society overall is responsible for this trend. The decline of Urdu and the lack of promotion of Urdu has become a vicious circle for the doom of the language. Other than that, in the schools the Urdu teachers are not competent. Teaching a language is an art. The teachers today lack the abilities of teaching a language to the children.