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Exploring the Reasons of Contamination of Urdu

Urdu is one of the most rampant languages of the subcontinent. However, it is seeing a decline these days. The Urdu enthusiasts are very concerned about this situation and they are finding different methods to revive Urdu.
This article explores some of the most significant reasons that why the Urdu language has been contaminated. Learning these reasons is the first step towards the revival of the Urdu language.
Trying to strip the status of the regional languages
In Pakistan Urdu was declared the national language by Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah in Dhaka. This was a huge mistake. It was okay to declare Urdu the national language. However, right from the inception of Pakistan, the regional languages were never given any importance or status.
In fact, this had been a big cause of the partition of the East Pakistan from the west. It was but natural for the Bengalis that they loved their language and wanted it to be their national language. However, Bangla was never recognized and resultantly they felt that it is an effort to take away their roots and identity form them.
Recently the same thing happened in Baluchistan. Nawab Akbar Bugti passed a bill to make Balochi language compulsory from grade 1 in the schools of Baluchistan instead of Urdu. Nevertheless, after his murder, Pervez Musharraf reverted to Urdu, causing a lot of hatred among the Baluchis.
Relating Urdu to the religion
Many other people do not feel connected to the Urdu language because it has always been related to the Islam, excessively. The language should have an international and harmonious outlook, which Urdu has lacked.
Bollywood’s influence on Urdu
The Indian film industry has never been kind to Urdu. The Bollywood movies are popular all over the world. People see them and pick Urdu-Hindi phrases from them. It is an unfortunate fact that in Bollywood scripts and songs, the Urdu language is often distorted. Sometimes wrong words are used contextually. At other times, the pronunciation is simply pathetic. Alternatively, Urdu is contaminated with too many rustic Hindi words.
Failure of the older generation to pass Urdu heritage to the young generation
It is a sad fact that our older generation did not make serious efforts to involve their children in peaking Urdu. Even today, the parents who know excellent Urdu do not realize the importance of teaching it to their children. Sadly, they are so obsessed with the English language that they make their children learn English right from the early childhood.
The lack of promotion of Urdu and incompetency of the Urdu teachers
Urdu has never been promoted properly. The society overall is responsible for this trend. The decline of Urdu and the lack of promotion of Urdu has become a vicious circle for the doom of the language. Other than that, in the schools the Urdu teachers are not competent. Teaching a language is an art. The teachers today lack the abilities of teaching a language to the children.…

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10 Reasons Tutors Can Improve Your Kids Grades

Hiring a private tutor for your child is actually one of the most effective ways to increase their performance in school. Here are the top ten reasons how tutors can help improve your kid’s grades:
1. Private tutors can help improve your child’s performance by making them more focus on their lessons. This is probably because of the one-on-one learning environment that your child could enjoy with their private tutor.
2. Tutors can also be your kid’s best friend. Another benefit of hiring a private tutor for your child is that, you always have the power to pick the one that will work with your child’s attitude.
3. Having a private tutor doesn’t necessarily mean that your child is totally slow in understanding. For most of the time, children are doing great with their classes except for those subjects that might be a little complicated for your kid like science and math. A tutor with specific subject specialty can effectively stimulate the interest of your child to learn these subjects and enhance their performance.
4. Tutors can contribute a different point of view or introduce fresh approach of learning to you child about their covered subject. In this way, your kids can acquire extended knowledge that they can use during their actual classes.
5. It is proven for numbers of times that a person’s attitude is always contentious. Well, specialized tutors are highly passionate about the subject that they are teaching. This could also affect the interest of your kid toward such subject. Through their passion, tutors may share their fascinations with your child and make them embrace the subject they used to hate.
6. Due to many distractions, often time your child misses a lot of points of their lessons during their actual classes. The problem about this is that a classroom-based teacher may not have enough time or ability to attend to your child’s concern. Hiring private tutors gives your child a chance to catch-up. In this way, you can ensure that your child is always on the right track.
7. Your child will surely appreciate the personal learning approach that their private tutor can provide to them. Unlike studying in a crowded classroom environment, your child will not feel any hesitation to ask any question with their tutor. Again, this will help them capture all the key points of their lesson and effectively improve their grades.
8. Experienced tutors are trained to evaluate the learning capacity of a child. They can easily design a lesson plan that will work specifically for your kid in a way that your child can clearly understand and absorb.
9. Let’s face it… Due to the rapid development in most of the school’s curriculum, changes in some subject’s principles or simply because of our weak memory, we cannot provide answers to our kids whenever they ask us something about their homework. This will not happen if you get your child their own private tutor. Professional tutors always keep themselves updated with their area of expertise. They can guide your child throughout their assignments and make them prepared for classes the following day.
10. Aside from providing systematical method of learning, tutors can also point out the student’s mistakes during the process of study without making them loss their self-esteem.…

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Five Reasons You Might Want To Consider Private Tutoring

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could be sure if you needed to consider private tutoring for your child? Many people have come across this exact situation. For most people it is just a passing, fleeting thought that never gets anything accomplished and is soon forgotten. Most believe that if they just ignore the situation it will go away and everything will be fine.
But this is your child that we are talking about. You just can’t afford to ignore the situation if he really does need some tutoring assistance. Private tutoring is something that you may need to take a good long hard look at if your child is showing any of the signs of having trouble with his schoolwork.
Let’s take at look at five signs that your child may in fact be in need of private tutoring.
First of all, has your child been missing a lot of school? Take into account that this could be for any reason. Was he sick and had to stay home for an extended period of time due to his illness? Did you take a long family vacation during the school year? Does he participate in a sport or other extracurricular activity that takes him away from classes a lot? Additionally, it’s important to remember that while he may have made up all of the assignments that he missed that is not the same as actually being in a classroom setting and there may be important nuances of the lessons that he has missed by not interacting with a live teacher.
Second, has he been hiding or lying about his homework, telling you that he doesn’t have any or not letting you see the homework that has been graded by his teacher? Hiding and lying about homework is a definite sign that he is having trouble understanding the material. That’s actually the reason that, as many have noted, it is important for parents to take an active role in helping children with their homework on a daily basis. If your child is having trouble in school he doesn’t want to be a disappointment to you or for you to think he is stupid so he will hide it from you as long as he can.
Third, is schoolwork starting to affect the whole family? And also is it causing a strain on the familial relationships? If so so then something needs to be done quickly to fix the situation. You should not allow the situation to get out of hand to the point of constant bickering.
Fourth, does your child come home with poor test scores even though he seems to understand the material and does well on his homework? It is possible that even though he comprehends the material perfectly he just does not understand the proper way to study for and take tests. These skills can be taught.
And lastly, is your child bored because he feels held back by the class? Private tutoring can be as much a benefit to a gifted child as it is to one who is falling behind. He may need to be challenged to keep his mind active and expanding.
Now, consider all those reasons and examine your situation carefully. Any of these points would suggest that you may want to consider private tutoring.…