Continuing Education Might Make the Difference – Want More Letters Next To Your Name?

Continuing Education Might Make the Difference – Want More Letters Next To Your Name?

If you are self-employed, or a solo professional, often more letters next to your name helps your clientele feel more comfortable that they are talking to someone who knows their stuff. That is not to say that every individual that has lots of letters to their name is competent, they may not be, or they may be total Ignoramuses, and I’m sure we have both met our share of such folks.

Still, there are lots of continuing education course choices, and many are not as difficult as you think. Some can be taken online, or through a university program, that is to say an actual university that offers courses on the Internet, but you have to go in once a week to the college. There are also many mail order courses which you can take that are industry-specific. Some of these courses exist because of regulatory requirements of folks in that group or profession to maintain their licenses.

Even if you don’t wish to get the license, you can still take the course, and some of them are as inexpensive as $50-100 including the textbooks, and some of the textbooks now can be downloaded to your iPad, Kendall, Nook, or personal computer.

Let’s say for instance, that you sell life insurance, and you don’t have a financial planning license, or series 7, but you want your customers and clients to know you know what you’re talking about so you can help them make a rational decision when buying your insurance products. If you have those other letters next to your name, but don’t have the licenses as you don’t intend on selling any of that other stuff – you will still accomplish the objective of having additional letters next to your name.

And of course, it looks more impressive, and it helps you answer the questions your clientele will ask, and they can feel confident that you know which are talking about. Indeed, perhaps you might please consider all this.