Continuing Education For Psychologists – Learn To Make A Difference In People’s Lives

Continuing Education For Psychologists – Learn To Make A Difference In People’s Lives

A career in psychology has lots of benefits. You can learn about the human mind and also put this knowledge to use in helping others. Continuing education for psychologists opens lots of doors and allows you to choose which career path is right for you.

After Your Undergraduate

There’s nothing like getting your degree and being out of school, but unfortunately for psych majors, there aren’t a lot of job opportunities waiting. For most jobs, you need to pursue continuing education for psychologists, and you’ve got 2 choices – either a Ph.D. or a Psy.D.

The Ph.D. is similar to doctoral degrees in other areas. You take coursework that focuses on both clinical training and theory. All of it centers around your dissertation, which is your own original scientific research that contributes to the field of psychology. All of your coursework culminates in this dissertation, which collects data and analyses it to support your own theory.

The Psy.D. is a Doctor of Psychology. This is relatively new and, as the name suggests, it is focused solely on psychological training. It is not offered at all institutions, but it is becoming more popular as an option for continuing education. Unlike the Ph.D., it focuses more on training and practical skills. Instead of analyzing data in your dissertation, it is actually a project where you do something with your skills. The whole idea of the Psy.D. is to give you a solid foundation to begin practicing psychology.

Online Courses For Psychologists

Because many of those who are pursuing continuing education for psychologists are busy working, many schools offer online programs. These programs are flexible, allowing students to work when it’s convenient for them. The only downside is that you miss out on the face-to-face contact with your classmates and teachers, but with video teleconferencing and other PC technology today, it’s almost like being there.

If you’re thinking about pursuing your coursework online, make sure that the institution you choose is legitimate. It should be approved by the American Psychological Association as a first step. You should also check out its reputation. Look at job postings or contact employers and see if they recognize the school. Many traditional universities are offering online degrees, so you can always choose an established school if you want to be sure.

Areas Of Specialization

Continuing education for psychologists offers lots of specializations to choose from. These include:

Clinical Psychology – You can work as a therapist helping ordinary people deal with extraordinary psychological problems. You may also work with people who have chronic mental disorders, or specialize in treating a certain segment of the population.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology – Since many stresses and psychological problems are caused by work, this type of psychologist deals with how people interact with their work environment. They may also help a company increase efficiency or reduce their turnover rate.

Social Psychology – This field looks at groups and how individuals interact in them. Most people who specialize in social psychology work in universities, organizations, government agencies or businesses conducting research.

Forensic Psychology – A forensic psychologist helps law enforcement agencies by analyzing evidence and using their expertise about the human mind and criminality to help solve crimes.

There are many other fields that continuing education for psychologists also gives you an opportunity for. Pursuing a post-graduate degree is essential for anyone who wants a career in psychology, so start thinking about what you want to do today.