Create and Enjoy Your Own Lunch-N-Learn Sessions

Create and Enjoy Your Own Lunch-N-Learn Sessions

Having worked many years with and for major corporations that often hosted lunch-n-learn programs for their employees – you know, where you eat lunch while listening to what the company wants you to hear or see – let me share with you a more rewarding way to eat and learn. I call it ‘Lunch-n-Learn Your Way!’ And while it requires very little effort on your part, it can be extremely rewarding.

There are countless things going on in your personal world and within your industry – events, happenings, discoveries, news – things you’d often like to know more about, but in your busy life there’s precious little time in which to keep up with the changing events or new technology. Lunch-n-Learn Your Way solves that problem.

How it works is quite simple, really. Whether on your home computer or your one at work – whichever provides you with greater unmonitored access – search whatever topics capture you fancy…hobbies, new processes, the latest trends in the economy, in religion, in politics. Whatever turns you on.

Where to find all that good stuff? Google Search is usually my first choice ’cause searches there can be automatic, supplying me with fresh information weekly. Bing’s also an excellent way to search, along with and . In addition, virtually every major newspaper and magazine has an online version. Blogs and newsletters are other great sources of information on topics and opinions that could interest you. Subscribe to them.

Any time you find information that seems to peak your interest, print it out and set it aside so you can read it thoroughly work. Will there actually be time to read those printouts there? Probably least not while you’re on company time. Few are the chosen who can enjoy such a luxury. But come lunch time, you’re on your own time, free to do whatever you choose.

That’s when you’ll want to pull out and read those pages you printed… at the same time you’re enjoying whatever lunch you have that day. Bring one or buy one, it makes no difference. It is after all Lunch-n-Learn Your Way.

I’m not suggesting that you do this every day, or that you give up your occasional lunches with the people you work with. What I am suggesting – particularly for those who believe learning is a life-long process – is that there’s a great deal to be learned about things that are of special interest for you. The easiest way I know to do that is to plan one or two personal Lunch-n-Learn sessions each week. Try it. You have everything to gain, absolutely nothing to lose.