Continuing Education and You – How to Grow Your Practice in Massage Therapy

Continuing Education and You – How to Grow Your Practice in Massage Therapy

After taking the time to become a skin and health care professional, it is important to always seek out new and innovative skills to please your existing clients and help increase your business. By taking the time to expand your skill base and offer new and unique treatments for your customers, you will undoubtedly reap the benefits of persistence and advanced knowledge can provide. Whether you are an esthetician, massage therapist, nurse or body worker, it is important to take the time to grow and enhance your available services for your clients.

They say the first step in any journey is always the hardest, but you have already taken that step! By receiving your training as a massage therapist, esthetician, nurse or body worker, you have made the conscious choice to specialize your skills. Your skills provide a valuable service to those seeking care, pampering, r & r or pain/stress relief. That is a big responisbility and you have made the decision to make a career out of it! That in itself, is already a great accomplishment for you to be proud of!

But after a few years or maybe right out of school you are wondering, what is the next step? How can I make my practice unique and marketable to new clients? That is were learning specialized services comes into the picture. Take the time to research available classes and procedures available – there are literally hundreds of wonderful skills you can master in the world of massage therapy!

The facelift massage is a wonderful example of a unique service that can be learned and offered to your clients. Facelift massage not only are facial muscles toned and tightened and the skin softened, but the client is put in a state of deep relaxation – sheer bliss! With repeated weekly sessions, your clients begin to see noticeable changes in their face and neck. Once the face is toned, it is easier to keep it in shape. If your client is considering a medical or plastic surgery procedure, Facelift Massage works wonders as a pre-and post-operative treatment as well as regular maintenance of beautiful, healthy skin. The Facelift Massage is a pampering, relaxing massage that improves the appearance of the face through stimulation of the underlying layers of skin and soft tissue. This support system can make surface wrinkles less visible, slows down the formation of new ones, and helps keep facial muscles from giving in to its two biggest enemies; gravity and time! Its techniques include acupressure, lymphatic drainage and contouring strokes.

This unique combination of a facial and a massage is ideal for massage therapists, nurses, estheticians or body workers. Many courses offer continuing education credits for attending seminars or home study options.

So take the time to learn a new skill and seize the opportunity to grow your practice today!