Development of Numerical Ability

Numbers are not plain symbols. They have values but not meanings that can be easily represented by words. If we describe events, meetings and facts, we are conveying certain meanings and this is verbal communication. It is difficult to convey ordinary events clearly through Mathematics. Even if information is quantitative we still need to infer from the raw data which is represented in mathematics. To do this we need numerical abilities. There are many competitive exams and a student may be studying quickly just to get through them. But the truth is that a study of numbers has to be undertaken for its own sake before we use them for our means. If you take this point well then you can do away with Math phobia once and for all.
The purpose of this section is to create an interest in the way numbers function. Your tutor will enumerate the features of numbers and the validity of their values. Numbers are ‘given’ values that we take for granted. But they are not some figment of our imagination. The tutor’s task undoubtedly is not simple so as to list out values, tables and other operations of Mathematics. Explanations will be provided and an interest will be generated in this subject which is more than just an esoteric Science. When we perform operations in simple Algebra or advanced Quadratic Equations we may be adding, subtracting, applying formulas but more than that we are logically deducing the way numerical values behave.
Once your tutor has developed the ability to perceive the way numbers behave then you can move on to preparing for exams be it GRE or high school assessments. The tutor will give you the tools to leverage your numerical abilities as your study advances from basic to deeper and advanced topics. You will discover that Math phobia is more a phobia of exams as there is considerable anxiety over the fact that there are correct and incorrect answers. The tutor will guide you to realize that there is depth in numbers so that you will start appreciating the subject. Once appreciation has been achieved, performing the necessary operations correctly becomes easier. You begin to practice more and you will yourself observe that with practice your numerical abilities develop and numbers will no longer petrify you; rather, they will stimulate you.
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