CPA Continuing Education Now Available Online

CPA Continuing Education Now Available Online

CPA continuing education courses are now available online covering a variety of subjects including Ethics, Management, Taxation and Accounting and Auditing. Online courses are the modern equivalent of old-fashioned correspondence school. In the old model of distance learning however books were sent through the post, you marked the workbook, completed the final test and returned the entire package. It could be weeks before your work was graded and you received your certificate of completion. In addition, due to the fact that verification was difficult many professional courses required you to take the final test at a local testing center. The internet has made the entire process more efficient.

CPA continuing education courses on the internet provide flexibility and ease of completion that far outstrips the old correspondence system. Now you simply go to the website, create a unique username and password and your progress is automatically tracked every time you log on. They system will keep track of such administrative proofs as number of hours logged and test scores. This leaves you free to concentrate on the course material and the new concepts you will be learning. In addition, upon successful completion of the course the system will issue an e-certificate immediately and in the cases where it is necessary a hard copy will be sent in the mail.

Learning over the internet is the height of flexibility and convenience. Because web-pages are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week your CPA continuing education training program is available around the clock. This means you can log on at your convenience and it does not have to be at the same time every day. In addition you can access your training from anywhere there is an internet connection – home, the office, the local library, a coffee shop with WiFi. It couldn’t be easier to get the training you need when you want it.

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CPA continuing education courses covering a variety of subjects are available to you any time at the touch of a button. Far more elegant than old fashioned correspondence courses this new generation of distance learning courses is so convenient you will find yourself taking personal development and career building courses as well as the maintenance and refresher courses needed for licensing. Try it out for yourself and discover how the flexibility and convenience of online training can give you a real boost in business and career knowledge.