Are You In School? Advantages of Continuing Education

Are You In School? Advantages of Continuing Education

Here is how.

1. Discipline. You have to be focused. It is hard of course to manage two activities–particularly these days when all of us are being challenged at our workplace.

2. Initiative. Take leadership. Find out what you are good at, then go for a credible education course in that field, whether an MBA or a diploma or a license.

3. If you do possess a license or certification, do not let it lapse. Most institutes require continuing education courses. They are relatively inexpensive, and it is a great way to network with like-educated professionals.

4. Make sure you are graduating from a credible, well recognized institution. Even if it means more tuition. Most employers will subsidize your courses and books. It is worth it to be part of an reputable and accepted institution.

5. There are groups that you could belong to. They are found in business and social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Join as many as you can manage. This will broaden not only your education but your network and give you insights into how yoru profession is using the education in a practical field.

6. Depending upon your lifestyle, sometimes weekend study courses may be best. Yes it will detract you from lounging in the chair, watching football and drinking beer, but your sacrifice for a few weeks will be worth it, and last a lifetime in rewards.

7. Get close to the professors and faculty of the institution you are attending. Don’t be a “student”, be a “leader student”. That means volunteering at the school’s events, offering to help the faculty and even coaching juniors.

8. Finish what you started. Sometimes it is tempting to say, “I will skip this semester”. Don’t. It is very hard to get back into the swing of things. The discipline and thought process required for a school is entirely different from that of workplace.

Good luck.