APA Continuing Education: Methods of Study

APA Continuing Education: Methods of Study

For those who aren’t in the know, the American Psychological Association has for a long time provided several methods of further learning on their website and through the association. APA continuing education comes in a number of forms, each of them dedicated to providing the best possible learning format for a busy mental health professional. If you are such a professional and are looking for the most convenient way to further your learning, the APA surely has a program or two that you could benefit from.

One of the most popular formats for APA continuing education is their online academy. They have spent quite a lot of time and money into putting together comprehensive online courses that cover a number of subjects. For instance, they offer a course in clinical supervision, one on chronic fatigue syndrome, and one on autism just to name a few. These courses differ somewhat between subjects, but they offer any professional the flexibility and comprehensive learning they require in an online learning format. The courses make use of not only text-based learning, but also the wide variety of multimedia that a good instructor will take advantage of to round out a class.

Those who aren’t comfortable with e-learning are also welcome to enjoy the many book-based APA continuing education opportunities. The association provides over 100 book-based courses in a variety of subjects, designed to stimulate and educate the psychologist interested in expanding their knowledge of the field. The books are authored by experts in the field of mental health and tailored to meet the needs and expectations of a demanding student body. Subjects include, but are far from limited to, clinical hypnosis, meth addiction, and impulsivity.

For those professionals who learn better by listening to an instructor (rather than by quietly reading the material on their own), they offer a series of DVD courses as well. These programs cover such courses as drug addiction, cognitive therapy, and more.

For anyone who is interested in APA continuing education, there are more than enough programs to satisfy even the most curious mind. If, however, you aren’t finding everything you need, keep in mind that the sky is the limit when it comes to furthering your professional development in the world of psychotherapy. There are a number of ways to continue your education, whether it be through online material, medical journals, seminars, or college classes. Find out what is available in your area and your field and make the most of the world of materials at your disposal.