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Has Mandatory Continuing Education Helped The Massage Industry?

Has Mandatory Continuing Education Helped The Massage Industry?

About 20 years ago there was a movement to create”legitimacy” in the massage industry due to the public misconception that anyone who practiced the ancient health technique of massage was undoubtedly, engaged in prostitution. There are some men in our society even today, that associate loving, healing touch with sexual activity. So, it is my belief that large organizations popped up in the landscape to dispel that myth and create legitimacy to a vast scope of valuable health techniques, to a touch starved society. Massage continuing education was born with the hope, I believe, of being included in our gigantic bumbling health care industry, that is imploding under the enormous weight of its ponderous bureaucracy.

Alas, in almost all of the entire 50 states, massage therapy is still not a therapy where the insured can apply their benefits to deal with their chronic issues! Regardless of how much education some of us have acquired over many years, still we are not considered legitimate in the eyes of the medical profession, the pharmaceutical industry and the insurance companies which are the engines for our medical system. So, why is it necessary to be state licensed, nationally certified, and city licensed if we gain no legitimacy, and economic viability in the eyes of the “authorities” that create the legal requirements to practice. Why does a doctor who can only write a prescription for pain medication score high on the legitimacy scale, and the practitioner who has the education and the manual skills to potentially create a long term pain free condition, not considered legitimate? These are questions that would elicit lengthy and lively debate, but at this time fall on deaf ears.

When was the last time that a professional in the massage continuing education business actually experienced the technique that they purportedly teach? How many businesses have sprung up on the internet hawking goods that are considered valuable and legitimate and confer massage continuing education credits, but never observe or feel the work of those that they award with the credits? They just include a test in the materials that supposedly confirms the therapist’s knowledge of the course they “finished”. How many of those “students” who are motivated to “earn” those credits, are actually studying those disciplines because they have a long term interest in actually learning that discipline and putting the time into that is necessary. Remember the term journeymen (sorry ladies) where you apprenticed with a master for 7 years in your trade before you were allowed the wages that were awarded to you by the union for the amount of time you put into it with sweat equity? Now a typical student of massage continuing education spend 4 days, is awarded a certification diploma, places in on his office wall and pretends to have accomplished anything of value and is substantiated by the vast organizations that have lobbied for state support in setting certain standards. Hogwash!

Now we have home study/distance learning continuing education credits and we have people bickering about standards of value. Again, how can anyone know what anyone has learned from a home study course unless they actually get on a table and feel the work of those who have studied their work? They can’t. They can only assume that there is some template that students value when they learn at home. Like books and dvds and some esoteric approach that has been “proven” for adult education. Again, there is only one way to know and that is to observe and feel the work that you as a teacher has presented or by the results that the student has gained from their massage continuing education course. Results! But, like our ponderous bumbling governmental agencies that slosh around attempting to create models of efficiency, most of what transpires is more complicated, expensive and essentially useless.…

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Why Online Learning Is Recommended by Adults

Why Online Learning Is Recommended by Adults

Look at your current schedule and tell me what you see. Are you working full-time? Do you have a family to take care of? What other obligations do you have besides your family and career? Do you see an additional 20 hours a week to dedicate to school? These are very important questions when deciding what school to attend and if an online degree is your best option. More and more adults are returning to school for a number of reasons. They are looking to advance their career, learn more about a specific subject, or hope to make themselves more marketable in case they are ever in need of a new job.

Online education has been becoming more and more popular over the years. Adults love the convenience of the courses and flexibility they offer. They are able to work, feed the family, put the kids to bed, and then work on their assignments. Many online classes allow the student to complete their coursework at 5 a.m. or 5 p.m. This is one of the biggest advantages of attending an online University. Not having to drive to a University is also a major benefit. Students probably save about 3-4 hours a week depending on where the school is located.

Everyone likes choices. Online learning gives the student a vast array of options on which degree program to choose. Instead of being limited to what your local college or community college offers, online learning opens the door to many different programs from many different schools. As long as the school is accredited it is accepted by most employers. You may want to stay away from the schools that are just known as an online school. They have a stigma about them that some employers do not like. Also, if you can find a nationally ranked school that fits your budget you should certainly consider it. Many ranked schools are offering online degrees now. They may be a little more expensive, but might be worth the investment.

As you can see, online learning is more flexible and more convenient than attending classes in person. It is understandable why adults prefer online classes with their busy schedules. They need a program that allows them to complete their assignments on their time and not be required to be somewhere to attend a lecture during the week. Another option is a weekend program, but many adults do not want to spend their weekends sitting in a classroom.…

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Choosing the Right Tutoring Services

If you set out to do something worthwhile, be sure to go about it correctly. That is definitely true for succeeding at choosing the right tutoring services for your children. Planning carefully up-front, getting good advice and following it, could possibly make a major difference in whether you will do something right and succeed, or apply it wrong and fail. Improperly choosing a tutoring service may bring unwanted results. You could possibly end up with a service that just does not meet your children’s needs, and perhaps a service that will make the problems worse instead of better. Here are three basic steps you might take to avoid failure and insure success.
Initially, you will want to find a service that understands your needs.
You will definitely need to start with a tutoring service that is going to listen to your concerns regarding the needs of your child since that will help avoid frustration for you and apprehension on the part of your children. Not getting this done properly could make it much more difficult to find a solution for the situation if you have to go back to the beginning and start your search over. So please do not make the mistake of disregarding this important point.
The second thing is finding a service that will match the tutor to your children.
Nearly as essential as finding a tutoring service that understands your needs when struggling with choosing the right service is finding a service that will take the time to match the tutor to your children. Take it from me, this is simply not something you want to leave to chance. It’s very helpful to find a service that can provide a tutor who is not only qualified in the subject but whose personality matches with that of your children.
Finally, keep in mind that tutoring is about more than just the subject matter.
And finally, while you are dealing with choosing the right tutoring services, just be sure to keep in mind that tutoring needs to do more than just help your children with the subject matter in question. This will likely help with providing opportunities for your children to grow their self-confidence and improve their social skills as well as their learning skills, which can be an essential part of not only helping them to catch up to their classmates in terms of schoolwork but provide them with incentive to move ahead in their studies. Failing to keep this in mind can result in boring tutoring sessions that may cause your children to tune out.
When you’re in the process of choosing the right tutoring services, you really want to make sure you won’t make some mistakes that can cause you to ultimately end up with a tutoring service that just does not meet your children’s needs, or maybe even a tutoring service that will make the problems worse instead of better. The thing you really want is a tutoring service that will aid your children in succeeding in not only their schoolwork but in their lives outside of school as well, which you can achieve by closely sticking with these steps.…

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The Top 5 Reasons Why Continuing Education Is Worth the Effort

The Top 5 Reasons Why Continuing Education Is Worth the Effort

Continuing education in today’s tight job market is necessary if you want to gain the competitive edge, increase your chances for a higher income, and to become an expert in your area of expertise.

Here are the top five reasons why:

1. Even if you have not had a chance to gain the experience, having a college degree or technical certification will speak volumes about your personal character, it will impress your employer, and certainly give you the competitive edge over your peers who have not taken the time to continue their education. In today’s highly competitive job market, what you bring today the table in the way of education, training and of course experience speaks volumes.

2. A simple high school diploma in today’s job market is not enough, especially if you are plan to climb the corporate ladder of success, demand top dollar for your expertise and truly excel in the job market, this is one of the primary reasons why continuing education is a must. You must show your employer that you are ready, willing, and able to take the next step by continuing to advance your educational standing that you are willing to “bite the bullet” and not stop until you get a Degree, Masters Degree or technical certification.

3. Once you have earned your degree, don’t stop, always look for an opportunity to take various certification and self improvement courses, it will make your resume stand out from the crowd and show your employer that you are always eager and ready to learn more. Employers will be more incline to send you to training courses when they see that you are investing in yourself.

4. Become an expert in your field of study, you can do this through research, doing special projects and studies, writing magazines articles in your field of expertise, part-time teaching at junior colleges and universities, volunteering to share your expertise by teaching it to others. In other words, take advantage of any and every opportunity to hone your skills and stay up-to-date in the state of the art. This will show that you have the ability to study and work independently, that you can be trusted to work alone on special projects, that you will work well as part of a group, and that you have the ability to research as well as communicate with others.

5. By continuing your higher education, you will also have many new transferable skills that will be useful in the modern workplace, no matter what you study. Today’s high tech market place will require that you stay up-to-par on the latest technological advancements. It’s not enough to think critically, you must be able to take the information and apply it to various work environments. Continuing your education is the catalyst to help you gain the critical thinking skills and technical savvy you need to exceed.

Once you earn your degree, you will have a great sense of personal accomplishment, now you are able to further excel in your career or even change your career in pursuit of more lucrative job opportunities. It is now your chance to earn more money and finally get that “good paying” a job.…

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Private Tutor For Discrete Math – How Helpful Is That?

Discrete math is one of the most important parts of mathematics. The subject deals with a finite set of objects which are discrete, disconnected from one another, and each of which is complete in itself. Thus, it deals with integers and finite numbers rather than infinite numbers and real numbers. The subject deals with trying to figure out different ways in studying sets of objects, and their properties.
It has some really interesting topics such as probability, which deals with calculating the chances of an event to occur. If you understand the concepts of probability well, and get some sufficient practice in the application of the concepts to various sums, then you would really be able to get an edge. People who understand probability are exceptionally good at card games like poker, and also at making accurate bets. To get a better understanding of the subject, you can opt for the private math tutoring services.
Discrete math also has some other interesting topics such as the game theory, utility theory, etc. These topics are essential in being able to understand various rules in games like baseball. They are very interesting, and once you have been able to get the concept well in your mind, you would find that the range of real life situations where they can be applied is just too high.
Discrete math is also the fundamental base for operations research, which is a management subject. In this subject, young to-be managers are taught how they can achieve goals within a set of constraints. These are thus very important subjects, and no student can afford to ignore them. There are many private math tutor services available now which can help you get some practice here.
You would also hence observe that this subject plays a very important role in the SATs. The math paper of the SATs has a very large part dedicated to discrete math. Thus, even from an exam point of view, it is essential that you master this subject. If you are able to grasp the concepts quickly, you would then be able to appreciate the simplicity and the beauty of the subject, which would help you score really high marks.
Thus, if you would like to gain some expertise here, then private tutoring is an option which you must consider. The best math tutors these days are not just available only in big cities like Chicago or Charleston. You can also find math tutors in other cities of Illinois like Arlington, Glendale, and so on. This is possible now with the help of private tutoring websites. You can also hire the math tutors listed here for one on one private tutoring lesson.…

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Getting Writing Tutoring

You need to express how you feel in a written document. Maybe it is work assignment, or a school assignment, or you are trying to write a letter to the editor of the local newspaper expressing your displeasure with the local political system. The problem is that what ends up on the paper doesn’t sound anything like what you were thinking while you wrote it. The ideas that you were trying to get across sounded so magnificent in your head but just seem to fall flat when ink gets put to paper.
Have you ever had a problem like this? It’s a typical enough situation but many people in this situation will not do anything about it because they don’t want anyone to think that they are stupid. They struggle on day after day, minds filled with worry and completely unable to think of a way out or a way to solve the problem when the answer could be staring them right in the face. Find someone that is a good writer and ask them to teach you the process. You need to find some writing tutoring. Most good tutors will be able to help you with this.
When you pick up a book or an article and think after you have finished it that the author is a great writer chances are pretty good that what really took place was that a good writer’s work was polished up by a good editor. There are very few great writers in the world, very few writers that can just put pen to paper and whip out a masterpiece without ever looking back. Most of us need to go back at least once and usually several times and change things. If you are working as a professional writer then your editor will make many of these suggestions. For most people however the problem lies in the fact that not only are they the writer, they also have to be their own editor.
Most writers when editing their own work are not nearly critical enough of it and seem to be satisfied with mediocre results. Others end up being too critical and talk themselves out of not only writing the piece that they are working on but of ever writing anything again. This is where writing tutoring can come in quite handy. A good writing tutor will be able to show you exactly how hard you need to be on yourself. When you wrote that piece and it didn’t sound like what you were thinking when you wrote it you were so incredibly close to getting the process right, but you gave up. Don’t throw it away because it didn’t sound like you, figure out why it doesn’t sound like you and fix it. That’s what writing is. It isn’t about getting all of the words right on the first try, it’s about working with the words until they are right.
Most people believe that they are completely unable to write and that it isn’t something that they could ever learn to do. That is completely wrong. Writing isn’t some magical process that only special people can pull off. It is more science than it is art and anyone can learn to do it properly and to do it well. Go get yourself a writing tutor and next time you can go down that path that you have been walking past all of these years.…

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How to Retain and Learn New Vocabulary Words

How to Retain and Learn New Vocabulary Words

Learning new vocabulary words may seem like a daunting task when you first start learning a new language, but there are some simple things you can do to make learning easy. If you want to learn English fast or improve your pronunciation skills, you will need to read a variety of materials in the new language and practice as often as possible. Here are some important tips for learning new vocabulary words in the English language, or any other foreign language:

1. Repeat new words out loud regularly. Take the time to learn the pronunciation of certain words and practice saying them clearly with consistency. Repeat these words as often as possible and use them in a sentence to increase your retention skills.

2. Practice context. One of the biggest mistakes people make when learning new words of vocabulary is that they learn fragments of words and phrases without context. This often results in miscommunication because a direct translation doesn’t have the right connotations or meaning. Practice using words in the context of a conversation so that you learn how to use the vocabulary words correctly.

3. Play with new vocabulary words. Whether you choose Scrabble or do crossword puzzles, you can learn new vocabulary easily by using them in a game. Consider purchasing the foreign language version of your favorite board game so that you can assimilate the language with ease.

4. Create your own vocabulary lists. Vocabulary list building exercises are a great way to get comfortable with new words in a foreign language and improve your rate of retention. Create a list of words around a particular subject so that you learn them in context, and practice using them as often as possible.

5. Visualize the definition. Instead of memorizing direct translations of new vocabulary words you encounter, learn what the definition is and associate it with a visual image. For example, if you have just learned the word for ‘house’ in the new language, focus on associated the image of a house in your mind (or a picture) with the word so that you can remember it. This is a simple and effective way to learn new vocabulary words with ease, regardless of the language.

6. Read in the new language. Even if you don’t understand all of the words in a foreign newspaper, book or magazine, you can pick out new words and look up their definitions as you go along. This will help you understand a lot of new words in context and also help you learn about sentence patterns and structure. While this an advanced skill to acquire when learning new vocabulary in a foreign language, it’s still an effective way to become proficient in a new language.

Learning new vocabulary words doesn’t have to be difficult. Incorporate different activities and games into the learning process so you can understand sentence structure, grammar and context as you learn each new set of words. These strategies will help you speak and write in the new language like a native speaker.…