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    Tips on Buying A Water Jet Cutter

    The water jet cutter an industrial tool cuts a wide variety of materials using very high pressure jet of water or a mixture of water and abrasive substance. There are two types of water jet cutting which are pure water jet and abrasive jet. An abrasive jet refers to the use of a mixture of water and abrasive cut to cut hard materials such as granite or metal. While a pure water jet or water only cutting refers to water jet cutting without the use of added abrasives and softer materials are used such as rubber or wood.

    Other methods that generate high temperature to materials require the use of water jet cutting. Certain processes are aided such as cutting, shaping and reaming since water jet cutting is used in the mining and aerospace industry. The ability to cut material without interfering with its inherent structure since there is no heat affected zone is the main benefit of a water jet cutter.

    Harming or changing the intrinsic properties of a metal is avoided during the cutting process since there are minimal effects of heat . Not only can metals be cut but also bevels, sharp corners, shapes with minimal inner radii and pierce holes can be resulted by a water jet cutter. The amount of scrap material resulted from water jet cutting is less as compared to traditional cutting methods.

    An operator is reduced the risk of exposure to hazardous materials such as airborne dust, smoke, fumes and contaminants. The accuracy in measurements of shapes in terms of inches and its repetitions is attained from water jet cutting. With the aid of specialized software, complex shapes can be produced using also water jet cutting. Application of water jet technology in meat cutting reduces the risk of cross contamination. There are some factors that have been noted in order to buy a water jet cutter. The expense of water jet cutters is high but combination of water jet cutting technologies and plasma can effectively reduce the cost.

    When buying a water jet cutter then the consideration of the negative effect of the cone is created during water jet cutting that results to uneven space between the elements. The use of innovative cutting head realizes the best precision of cutting which is a solution offered . When considering to buy a water jet cutter then the connectivity to a high pressure pump should be factored in. The quality parameters of water to suitable level should also be factored in due to connectivity to a high pressure pump. Maintenance of water quality parameters results to long shelf life of water jet cutting machine.

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