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    The Importance of an Immigration Lawyer for Same-Sex Sponsorship in Canada

    Whenever you are in Canada and your partner is not then getting married might be hard for you. You have to understand that not all countries embrace same-sex marriage but the good news is Canada does.

    If it is Canada that you would want to visit then what you can do is to apply for a visit visa. If it is visiting the country to get married to a Canadian citizen then most likely, the visa might not be approved. With one of them being a Canadian citizen that there is a strong possibility that the other individual will be having a strong tie to the country. It is this reason that the other individual’s visit might not be temporary and the visa officer might suspect that. You also have to remember that in Canada, there is no such thing as fianc? visa. Sponsoring your partner for a permanent residency in Canada is the best way to get your partner in the country and get married. There are two different ways on how you are able to do it and that is through common-law partner sponsorship wherein both of you have lived together as a couple for at least one year and the conjugal partner sponsorship where you have a significant degree of commitment to each other but not living together.

    Whenever it is you that will opt to migrate to Canada then you are also able to get a number of benefits. It is here where the is cultural diversity and understanding of different nations. Whenever you are also able to migrate to Canada then you are also able to find a job here. Whenever it is you that will choose to migrate to Canada then you can also bring along your family and loved ones.

    When planning to migrate to Canada though that you will have a lengthy process and the paperwork can be a lot. It is an immigration consultant that you need in these situations. They are the ones that can give you an immigration lawyer that will be working on your visas, work permit, refugee claim and many more. You can get free advice from immigration lawyers with regards to via application. But you also have to know that there are certain consideration that you need to look into before hiring an immigration lawyer in Canada.

    Always make it a point that you will choose to have an immigration consultancy that is being referred by friends and people that you know. You also have to choose between two to three prospects for you to have better options. The training and experience that the service provider has is a thing that you also need to consedr.

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