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    Reasons to Get TOGAF Certification for Enterprise Architects

    Becoming TOGAF certified shows you’re at the top of your game as an enterprise architect. It helps you gain and demonstrate a total understanding of the factors responsible for each and every element of its structure. Additionally, it provides the ability to design and re-organize your business architecture correct its flaws.

    As great as this is, there are a lot more reasons to get TOGAF certification such as the following:As great as this is, there are so many other reasons to become TOGAF-certified, including the following:As great as this is, here are five more advantages offered by TOGAF certification:

    Increasing Demand

    One big reason to get your TOGAF certification is the rising demand for enterprise architects nowadays. The UK is presently the world leader in TOGAF-certified professionals, accounting for some 16% of all TOGAF certifications all over the globe. Figures only show how popular the certification has become. Considering TOGAF’s current momentum, we are down to the demand for more TOGAF-certified enterprise architects.

    Learning a Universal EA Language

    TOGAF-certified EAs use a common language and expertise. A major objective of TOGAF is to teach you how to accurately pinpoint the needs of your business. Knowing the EA language puts you in a better place to lead your team and the business to addressing these needs, and that boosts your worth as a manager.

    Meeting the Demands of Your Organization

    Another primary objective of TOGAF is to teach you the ways to meet your organization’s demands in the most effective ways possible. This calls for identifying how your IT budget is being spent and then looking for ways to spend it more efficiently. Aside from this, TOGAF aims to teach you how you can make teams work in more perfect harmony, allowing you to see how processes can be streamlined. This brings down costs and friction, boosting the overall efficiency of each member of your staff and the departments where they belong.

    Building Professional Trust

    You already know that the skills you’ll learn from TOGAF certification are unique and extremely helpful. Moreover, with TOGAF being a world renowned certification, it ushers in a stronger sense of trust from your colleagues, employees and customers. This helps avoid, if not totally eradicate, conflicts in EA management. Certification gives your reputation an instant boost, now that you have shown possessing top level skills. You can speak all you want about your skillfulness, but to actually have proof to support your claim is what makes a difference.

    Investing Into Your Future

    Finally, reinforcing the point mentioned earlier, certification will increase your worth to businesses or organizations. After achieving your certification, this could well translate into higher pay. The moment you’re certified, there is no significant need for additional EA certification. Generally speaking, getting TOGAF certified is a rewarding investment in your future through skills enhancement.

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